About Caroline Windham

Currently, I will be graduating from the University of Georgia in the spring of 2018. I am getting my degree in Journalism with a concentration in magazine and media. I'm a fast learner, and am always looking ways to better myself and my environment in efficient ways. I am also participating in the Entrepreneurship certificate program that UGA offers, as well as a studio art minor focused on graphic design and photography.

So I basically chose journalism because my parents, being the driven people that they are, made me take a career test and that’s what I got. Being an extremely analytical person who thrives on logic, journalism makes sense because the news is the truth and that's what you report. After having taken a few classes, my view of what journalism essentially has been somewhat changed, but the core value of reporting the truth and the strong sense of duty to the public has not.

I first dipped my toe into the real world of journalism when I helped a local magazine over the summer with reporting about local stories in my hometown. From there I found an interest grow, and have since been admitted into the Grady College of Journalism and I am pursuing a degree with a focus in magazine journalism.

Besides classes and all the requirements, on campus I enjoy “buddying” which is a type of babysitting program for the Guide Dog Foundation on campus because, dogs. Duh.

I also work for a local boutique, DressUp, in downtown Athens because, cute clothes. Duh.

The Wesley Foundation is another area of involvement where I participate in a mentorship program for students because, Jesus. Duh.

In all seriousness, I truly enjoy spending my time being involved in these different organizations because they give me an opportunity to grow as a person, which in turn helps me to be more equipped in the career realm.

If you'd like to see my resume, please email me: