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About Me

University of Georgia - Journalism Student


Currently, I will be graduating from the University of Georgia in the spring of 2018. I'm getting my degree in Journalism with a concentration in magazine and media. I am also participating in the Entrepreneurship certificate program that UGA offers, as well as a studio art minor focused on graphic design and photography.

 Being an extremely analytical person who thrives on logic, journalism makes sense because the news is the truth and that's what you report. After having taken a few classes, my view of what journalism is has essentially changed, but the core value of reporting the truth and the strong sense of duty to the public has not.

I plan to focus on the changing world of journalism, specifically analytics and the media that goes along with that. It is evident that there needs to be a pivot for the journalism field to survive, and I see the future being focused on a more technological approach which I truly enjoy.

The Wesley Foundation is my church as well as where I participate in a mentorship program for girls that I love and is my heart. The Lord has blessed me with tremendous community through this. 

Besides that I enjoy traveling, photography ( on Instagram and here on this website), reading, any and all dogs, as well as watching the dawgs play on Saturdays!

If you'd like to see my resume, please email me: