Pesto's Birthplace Relaxes Carry-On Restrictions for the Special Sauce

The city of Genoa is now allowing passengers departing from the local airport to bring up to 100ml of pesto in their carry-on bags.

Under the city’s new “Il Pesto è Buono” plan, passengers can bring the allotted amount of local pesto as long as they make a donation of at least 50 cents to the children’s charity, Flying Angels. So far they have risen more than €500 for the charity. 

The idea was proposed to reduce the amount of confiscated and trashed sauce. Genoa is the birthplace of pesto, so it makes sense that the discarded jars are seen as a waste.

The familial aspect of the pesto is treasured, as airport press officer Nur El Gawohary says:

“Every family has their own recipe, and to be able to take pesto made by your mother or grandmother as a gift is really something that we felt important.”

They’ll ensure safety by putting the pesto through the same anti-explosive equipment as breast milk and medications. 

This process was approved by ENAC, Italy’s civil aviation authority.