It all started when my parents made me take a career test…

No really, they did. You can see more about how I got from journalism to design here.



I am currently pursing my Masters degree at UGA in Emerging Media. To see some of my work I’ve done, you can look at my resume here. In my free time I enjoy traveling, photography, trying new restaurants in downtown Athens, any and all dogs, as well as watching the dawgs play on Saturdays! 



My initial goal is to really serve and help others, and I think the best way I can do that is by pursuing things I enjoy and excel at. For me, passion and purpose go hand-in-hand. Without passion your purpose becomes dull, and without purpose your passion fizzles out. I’m committed to pursuing my purpose of loving people and making them feel accepted. That’s what drives me, and I am passionate about doing that through digital design and connecting people. Media isn’t all bad (despite how much negativity is getting covered currently), and I want to help people see the positivity and love that also is available because that’s essential for a happy life. I really enjoy graphics and the visual side of storytelling, and I would love to one day work where I’m able to tie all of the above into my work.

A Short Timeline About Me



Conyers, Ga



Peachtree City, Ga



Athens, Ga


I lived in Conyers for a short time, but apparently I went to an Olympic event at 6 months old so clearly I peaked early.


I was there from elementary to high school. This was a mix of Books-A-Million, tennis practice, painting, and learning to love design.


I came to UGA to escape a small school feel (I graduated with 60 people) and because it’s an incredible school. Here, I’ve grown my personal skillset and figured out how to merge my purpose and passion.