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University of Georgia

MA in Emerging Media 2020

I'm currently pursuing a masters in the Emerging Media program.

BA in Journalism 2014

I went through Grady for two years, and enjoyed the opportunities it awarded me as well as the many friendships and mentorships I made. You can see my writing samples here.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

I got the entrepreneurial bug when I took Entrepreneurial Journalism in Grady, and then decided to complete the certificate. Entrepreneurship is in my blood due to my grandfather, father, and uncle all pursuing it. I've admired their successes and I've enjoyed exploring it myself. Check out some of my entrepreneurial work.

Studio Art Minor

I have always enjoyed art and being creative, and this minor allowed me to explore skills in graphic design and photography. My art lives here on this website.


Intern at M3 Yoga - 2018

Last spring, I was a graphics and social media video intern for M3Yoga in Athens, Ga. I designed posters for the website and social media.

Intern at BA Agency - 2017

In the summer of 2017, I helped research potential clients for BA (the name of the owner as well as the company), analyzed different marketing campaigns, and accumulated data for ICON graphic design agency when they collaborated with BA.

Intern at Paste Magazine - 2017

As a travel intern at primarily online Paste Magazine, I edited and coded 5 articles a week from freelance writers. I also cultivated 2 articles of my own each week, as well as posting on Twitter and Instagram each day to bring traffic to the website.

Pitch Competition Winner - 2017

I won a pitch competition where I presented my idea for a grocery store navigation app where I used multimedia platform storytelling with a video commercial and graphics. You can read my full written business plan here.

Terry College of Business Case Study - 2017

I photographed entrepreneurial startups in Athens for a case study the Terry College of Business was conducting, and the photos were used in the final case study writeup.


Adobe Creative Cloud

I've been working with the Creative Cloud program for over two years, and I find I learn something new every day. From typography, to graphic design, and photography I have become well-versed in it's elements.

Basic Coding

Coding has been my latest endeavor, and I have really enjoyed the technical side of it. Journalism is more loose and there can be multiple ways to tell stories, but with coding there's usually only one right answer. From learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript, I feel confident in how I am progressing.


Through my undergraduate program in journalism I have a diverse set of skills when it comes to writing. From beat reporting, to business plans, writing scripts, plus many more I am grateful to have been exposed to so many different forms of writing and to get training in them. Check out some of my writing samples here.

Social Media

I have had experience running social media for internships, and I enjoy researching trends and new features. The power that social media has in a social as well as business sense intrigues me and I find myself wanting to learn constantly.


I got a DSLR camera a couple of years ago, and since then I have really enjoyed the personal creativity that has bubbled from photography as well as business opportunities that have arisen from this. My minor in studio art allowed me to take classes in specifically Image Culture and Black and White photography. I continue to enjoy exploring this passion.


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